Private Events & Priving Dining Rooms
Designed by Icrave Design (Koi, Hyde, and One), STK Downtown spans 3 floors containing various sizes in private dining: The Main Dining room contains seating for up to 200 people for dinner and 375 for cocktails. The second floor features private dining suites named after famous burlesque stars, such as “The Tempest Storm” (with seating for up to 34, cocktails for 60), “The Lillie St Cyr” (with seating for up to 14), “The Do May” (with seating for up

to 14), and “The Candy Barr” (with seating for up to 28), and the “Gilda Starr (located on the newly renovated 3rd Floor with seating up to 120 for dinner and up to 200 for cocktails). These rooms provide the perfect atmosphere for guests wanting to experience STK Downtown with a hint of privacy. To inquire about or book a private event, please contact our Events Team at, 646.666.4510

STK is a high-energy, vibe-driven atmosphere where mingling and meeting new friends is all part of the social experience. To make the best impression possible, we recommend guests dress in upscale yet comfortable attire. For the ladies, throw on a LBD and a pair of your favorite heels. For the gents, grab your go-to blazer, throw it over a crisp collared shirt and add the final touch with dress shoes that even Salvatore Ferragamo would envy. Certain articles of clothing such as tank tops, flip-flops, swimwear, ball caps, and other forms of athletic apparel are not permitted while shorts are not suggested. Dress to impress…you never know who you might meet.


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