Bringing the STK experience to you.

STK OUT by The ONE Group provides off-premise catering services for small-to-large scale events offering a modern, artful approach to various cuisines. STK OUT is inspired from the international restaurant brand STK and delivers the same innovative and high-energy experience that redefines the traditional catering concept.

With a vibe-driven dining experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, STK OUT pairs creative culinary creations with a high-energy atmosphere. We believe the dining experience should include more than just delicious food; it should also be lively and energetic.

Whether an intimate dinner party or an international film festival, STK OUT delivers a compelling catering experience guests won’t easily forget.  As for the cuisine, customized menus are inspired by the steakhouses of New York and include mouthwatering classics, elevated by our signature, playful flair.

STK OUT is limited only by your imagination.